Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Working Man's Blues

I would like to thank the Boston Red Sox for preventing the Rays from claiming Johnny Damon off the waiver wire. He has decided to stay in Detroit and I wish him all the best.

Say goodbye to Mannywood. The Dodgers appear to be ready to part with the aging Ramirez. I don’t believe Tampa Bay would touch Manny and his fat contract unless the Dodgers were willing to eat a very big portion of his deal. The White Sox have the money and are just desperate enough to take on Manny and all his baggage. Good luck Chicago, you’re gonna need it.

With the Rays running out of options and money it would seem to me the answer is right in their own backyard. Rocco Baldelli is once again battling his way back in an attempt to rejoin Tampa Bay’s line up.
Rocco is at the present time on rehab assignment with the Durham Bulls, where he is hitting .333 with 2 homers and 7 rbi’s in 27 plate appearances.
Baldelli was diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder, a condition that causes chronic pain and fatigue midway through the ’07 season. Since then he has continued fighting his way back to the show. A bout with channelopathy disorder slowed his progress earlier this year, but the man has worked through the pain and now is on the threshold of making yet another comeback.
According to Coach Maddon, calling up Rocco was the plan from the beginning and although nothing has been finalized, the Rays skipper remains confident that Baldelli will be an asset to the team as a leader in the clubhouse as well as against left handed pitching.
I’m not sure how all this is going to work out, but if inspiration means anything in the game of baseball, the Yankees are in for a rough October.