Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I left work early Friday and drove anxiously to my younger daughter's townhouse. I arrived before she was due home,so I spent my time nervously chain smoking while waiting for her and Jack. Jack is my six year old grandson whom, given the events of the day, I sorely needed to be with. As I lit another smoke I was thinking about the victim's families. I wondered if I could deal with the loss of a loved one without becoming completely unraveled? Probably not. About that time my daughter's car appeared from around the corner. I could see a small figure in the back seat bouncing up and down and waving to me. That's my buddy. I crushed out the butt, opened the back door and caught him as he lept out. Funny thing was that my daughter didn't seem suprised to see me. We did the usual how was work thing, but we both knew there was nothing usual about today. I asked her if she could use a break from the little dork so she could get some Christmas shopping done. She readily agreed, although I suspect more as a favor to me than anything else. As I drove out the gate the thought occured to me that I can't afford to waste anymore time. There are games to be played and adventures to be experienced. Not to mention the three other grandchildren we needed to pick up. Peace